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Fides is reported to have been the Roman goddess charged with protecting the chattels and business of the other gods. She was revered for her qualities of ‘loyalty and trust’.

 We feel our name encapsulates what we wish to offer and expect from our relationships with our clients and business partners. 

Our independence

Formed in February 2011, Fides has been built on a business model designed and developed as a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest financial services institutions. Following their merger, the Principals continue to advise clients and business partners as a new independently owned firm. As authorised Independent Financial Advisers we are not restricted as to the products and services we may advise on. The recommendations we make are therefore impartial and tailored to suit our client’s individual needs.

 “We work for you, and always in your best interests”

Our aims

We believe in solving your financial problems and helping you to achieve your dreams, not in selling products.

“understanding is critical to making

effective financial decisions” 

Everyone needs to have a depth of knowledge about their finances in order to feel comfortable. For some, they need to know everything there is to know, for others a general overview is enough.

We make sure you achieve the level

of understanding you need.  

 Treating Customers Fairly

Treating customers fairly (TCF) is central to the way we work and we have encouraged a culture of building consideration of TCF into all that we do.

 We want to;

  •  Help our clients fully understand the financial products recommended to them
  • Minimise the risk of unsuitable advice by encouraging best practice before, during and after
a recommendation is made. 

The Financial Conduct Authority looks to see six customer outcomes as a result of TCF.

These are that our clients;

  1. Deal with us where the fair treatment of our customers is a key part of our culture
  2. Are marketed to and recommended products that have been designed to meet their needs and are targeted accordingly
  3. Receive clear information from us and are kept suitably informed before, during and after the point of sale
  4. Receive suitable advice which takes account of their circumstances
  5. Receive product performance and a standard of service that they have been led to expect from us
  6. Don’t receive unreasonable post sale barriers should they want to change product, switch provider, submit a claim or make a complaint
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