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Fides Financial Management offers a highly personalised and confidential wealth structuring and financial planning service. Our clients include individuals, families, business owners and trusts.


We recognise that with financial success comes increased responsibilities and complexity. This brings new challenges, including the structuring, preservation and transfer of wealth to future generations.

We can assist in your planning to achieve your retirement dreams. We can show you how to best take and possibly increase your overall pension income. This is particularly important given the poor investment climate and tumbling annuity rates have left behind some nasty surprises!

We work to ensure financial security for your family, business and accumulated wealth, making sure that your long term plans happen, regardless of accident or future health issues

 We can demonstrate the short and longer term benefits of smarter tax strategies and improved investment decisions. We can also show our clients how to securely transfer wealth to loved ones and establish trusts or foundations.

We explain at the outset that we prefer to be ‘in it for the long haul’ and our goal is to be one of your family’s trusted advisers. Our clients, their children and wider family all have unique needs and dreams which will change over time.